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• Planning of Drilling (Auger, Aircore, RAB, RC and DD), sampling,logging and interpretation
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• Tenement management and reporting to the relevant government authority
• Training of Geological Staff
• Management of Hydro-geological and Geotechnical Drilling
• Technical Due Diligence
• Property Appraisals and Evaluations

EAGS has recently acquired a top of the range GDD IP Transmitter, model Tx4, 5000W-2400V-20A, and GDD IP Receiver; model GRx8-32, mounted with 16 channels, to conduct Resistivity and time domain Induced Polarization surveys. This equipment has the ability to meet ground penetration requirements (conductivity and resistivity) in all conditions, wet or dry, and can be utilized in mineral exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, geothermal, and groundwater exploration, environmental investigations, geotechnical investigations, and other related fields. A range of survey layouts such as gradient array, dipole-dipole and pole dipole arrays are available based on client needs

Generally, “normal” conductive/resistive subsurface environments are easily surveyed given that at 2400V one is likely to adapt to most conditions. However, in extremely dry, highly resistive environments, where one will face low signal values with a noisy background, this equipment when placed in a combined configuration(the Master-Slave mode) attests its strength as it allows one to identify cryptic anomalies. When a second GDD IP Transmitter, modelTx4 is integrated in the Master-Slave mode this allow sone to utilize 10,000W-4800V-20A (Currently the highest voltage available on the market), thus, providing the ability to adapt to very resistive environments and allow one to send more energy in the ground that will result in a stronger signal, better quality data, and faster survey times.

GDD IP Transmitter, model Tx4, 5000W-2400V-20A with a GDD IP Transmitter, model TXII, 5000W-2400V-15A in Master/Slave configuration

In such a scenario, each IP Transmitter works with a standard regulated 6500W, 220/240V generator which provides a stable and reliable source of energy. 

The IP Receiver allows one to read one line of 16 channels for 2 dimensional data or two lines of 8 channels for a 3 dimensional result. With the single line configuration, one can spread the IP stations to get a good definition at (4mx25m), (4mx50m), (4mx75m) and (4mx100m) or (8mx25m),and (8mx50m) on the same line.  Thus, depending on the size of the target, one can obtain good definition and investigation depth.

If one is faced with a scenario where orthogonal mineralized structures or veins for example those oriented north-south and east - west in the same property, using two 8 channel lines for a 3 dimensional result, will allow one to locate veins that are traditionally intersected by conventional/perpendicular lines but also detect veins that are between the lines that are not seen normally by 2D surveys.

Decays curves, visualization of the signal and Pseudo-Sections generated in 2D or 3D are generated directly in the PDA during survey acquisition (on site) allowing the data quality (QA/QC) of the survey to be improved accordingly based on field conditions thereby saving on time.

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